“Bruised but not broken, I erased on all fears, and found the strength to carry on. I never thought I’d be still standing here, but now look what I’ve become.” – Rae, “Lesson Learned”, The Ra[E]volution EP

Lately, I’ve been compelled to push myself more than ever. I decided to go for a run in my favorite place. See, I don’t really consider myself a runner. But my evolution is all about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. After all, how do you truly know what you really are capable of, if you don’t venture out of your comfort zone? So, I put on my best running gear, loaded up my playlist and headed out to my favorite spot; a local harbor with scenic views beautiful enough to make you feel weightless and free. I already had in my mind that I would complete a minimum of 3 miles. Once I accomplished this, I realized that I needed to step beyond the comfort of my usual 3 miles and aim for more. I committed myself to completing 5 miles and I did just that; pushing through all the voices in my head that were telling me that if I stop at 4 or 4.5, then it was good enough. Nothing felt better than silencing the voices of doubt and breaking out the my comfort zone. I get to stretch, grow, and evolve and live in those moments with a mindset focused on nothing but possibilities. I’m looking forward to carrying this over into other aspects of my life and especially in my musical journey.