The Story Behind The Ra[E]volution EP Cover

Photo By Annie Kohl

Many of you asked me about the EP cover photo. Well here’s the scoop…

The shoot had been planned a few weeks in advance and I knew I wanted to shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge. As the date drew near, the weather forecast predicted a rain storm. My photographer, Annie Kohl & I decided to shoot earlier to avoid the rain. It was cloudy but bright enough to test things out. I was prepared to change into wardrobe when the weather began to change. Annie, suggested that we still move forward. I was hesitant but I abandoned the idea of changing into wardrobe and we made our way onto the bridge with the casual clothes I had worn to the shoot. As soon as we approached the walkway to the bridge, the weather turned into a full on rain storm w/ aggressive winds. We just kept moving. Annie and I were the only pedestrians on that bridge. It was cold and windy but we just started shooting candidly for 15 minutes straight with the wind and rain beating down on me. By the time we left, I was shivering and drenched and fairly certain that I would wake up with some respiratory illness the next day…lol ??. I remember feeling slightly defeated because I had already had so many challenges leading up to the photoshoot. But I also remember thinking up there all alone on that bridge that I’ve been through worse. Since things didn’t turn out as expected, we followed up on a sunny day with all the shots that we had planned.

While sifting through the photos from both shoots, we discovered that it was the pic on the bridge alone in the middle of a rainstorm that captured the spirit of the album and my story. There was a raw strength and beauty in it that resonated so deeply and reminded me of all the storms I had been through over the last few years, that I had overcome, and ultimately changed me. In the end it the very thing that was unplanned, the thing that caught me off guard, the thing that made me feel defeated and that I had to push through that produced a gem and showed me how strong I really am. This is is not just a cool picture. This is The Ra[E]volution.